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  • 26 Mar, 2014:   National Response Corporation Acquires Specialized Response Solutions
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  • 10 Mar, 2014:  NRC Announces the Addition of Sureclean Limited to the NRC Group of Companies
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Alpha Weir Skimmer


Oil Recovery for Calm and Sheltered Waters
   Alpha skimmers are designed to recovery oil and effluent in calm or sheltered waters and are equally adaptable for use in sumps, interceptors, and settling tanks.
   Three fixed stainless steel spun wound floats sealed with a sliver solder support a tubular frame. Weir diameter varies depending on skimmer size and your clean-up requirements. Optimum efficiency is determined with a simple stainless steel weir that can be adjusted to allow a complete flooded suction or skimming oil and effluents at various depths.
   Using the appropriate weir setting, the Alpha Skimmer will deal equally well with thin surface layers of light oils or concentrations of heavy oils.
Skimmer Specifications: Alpha stainless steel skimmer with adjustable weir (in 304 S.S.) three fixed stainless steel spun wound floats (in 430 S.S.) sealed with silver solder. Also available with an option stainless steel screen in (304 S.S.).